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ArtSmart TV

ArtSmart TV is a unique video program that fills a void in today’s early childhood education. Millions of children around the globe do not attend preschool or kindergarten.  But they DO have access to the internet.  Using everyday materials, children develop their fine & gross motor skills recreating famous artworks by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and more.   Adults engage alongside their children, as ArtSmart TV gives a fresh and fun perspective to art & music. The Feeling Groovy Band joins in the fun and reinforces the lesson with music that will make you dance and keep you singing.

ArtSmart World TV commercial

ArtSmart in a Minute

ArtSmart in a Minute introduces children to the fun world of professional musicians and artists. Patti Hupp, aka Miss Patti, hosts a video series featuring current masters in the field, as well as showing us ways to connect with famous artists from the past.  ArtSmart in a Minute gives artists the opportunity to share their passion with a new generation.

ArtSmart LIVE!

ArtSmart LIVE! is an art class & rock concert! Children get  ‘ArtSmart’ as they recreate a masterpiece in the style of a famous artist (Picasso, Rodin, Pollock, etc), followed by The Feeling Groovy Band demonstrating their instruments before their concert performance.

ArtSmart LIVE! provides the opportunity for children and their caregivers to spend quality time recreating a masterpiece of art then singing and dancing to The Feeling Groovy Band.


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